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Hello and welcome to the world of moving images! We are Publicarte Studio, a group of passionate filmmakers and photographers dedicated to bringing your ideas to life through the magic of editing and filming. We don’t just create videos, we build visual stories that captivate, inspire, and endure.

As creators of audiovisual content, I specialize in social media ads, weddings, events, offering services that go beyond simple recording. From concept to post-production, every detail is handled with precision to ensure that your vision translates into a unique cinematic experience.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, overflowing creativity, and total commitment, I am here to turn your dreams into movies. Discover how we can collaborate and take your audiovisual projects to the next level! I’m Henry dedicated to making your visions a reality. 🎬✨»

Wedding Videos

¡Celebrate the most special day of your life with our exclusive custom wedding reportage service. From the emotional ceremony to the vibrant celebration, our meticulous approach ensures that every unique moment is immortalized in beautiful images. We have an experienced wedding team that understands the importance of every detail, offering comprehensive coverage and capturing those unique moments that make your wedding unforgettable.

Our exceptional creativity is reflected in every wedding photograph, and our commitment to impeccable wedding editing ensures that your memories are as bright as the day itself. We specialize in immortalizing love uniquely, creating lasting memories that relive the magic of your special day time and time again.

With wedding reportage services tailored to your needs, we are here to make your wedding an unforgettable event. Contact us now to reserve your date and ensure unique coverage that captures the essence of your love story! 📸💍✨

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Event videos

Welcome to our Event Recording service, where we turn special moments into lasting memories. Our team of experts is dedicated to immortalizing the unique essence of each occasion.

Our Services:

  1. Cobertura Integral: Desde conferencias corporativas hasta bodas íntimas, ofrecemos una cobertura completa de eventos para asegurarnos de que no se pierda ningún detalle.

  2. Equipo Profesional: Contamos con cámaras de alta calidad, equipos de audio de última generación y un equipo experimentado para garantizar la más alta calidad en cada toma.

  3. Edición Creativa: Transformamos horas de metraje en vídeos cautivadores. Nuestra edición creativa resalta los momentos clave, proporcionando una narrativa visual envolvente.

  4. Entrega Rápida: Entendemos la importancia de tener acceso rápido a tus recuerdos. Trabajamos diligentemente para entregar tu video final en el menor tiempo posible.

  5. Personalización: Adaptamos nuestros servicios para satisfacer tus necesidades específicas. Ya sea un evento corporativo, una celebración familiar o un concierto, nos adaptamos a tus requisitos.

Por Qué Elegirnos:

  • Professionalism: Our team is composed of highly skilled professionals committed to excellence

  • Experience: We have captured a wide variety of events, allowing us to approach each project with deep knowledge and a unique perspective.

  • Commitment to Quality: We strive for perfection in every shot and every edit. We take pride in delivering results that exceed your expectations.

Preserve Your Special Moments

Whether it’s an emotional wedding, a meaningful corporate event, or a family celebration, we are here to capture every special moment. Trust us to preserve your memories professionally and with a personal touch.

Contact us today to discuss how we can immortalize your next event! 🎥✨

Music videos

Welcome to a world where your music comes to life through the visual magic of our professional music videos. At Publicarte Studio, we blend creativity and technique to shape a unique experience that highlights your art

Our Featured Services:

  1. Visual Conceptualization: We transform your lyrics into captivating images with fresh and original visual ideas.»

  2. Cinematic Quality Production: We use state-of-the-art equipment and cinematic techniques to ensure stunning visual aesthetics.

  3. Custom Artistic Direction: Each video is a unique masterpiece, tailored to your style and artistic vision

  4. High-End Editing and Post-Production: Our editing experts visually enhance each shot, ensuring that your video is a finished work of art

  5. Fast and Efficient Delivery: We understand the urgency of the digital world; we deliver your masterpiece in record time without compromising quality

Why Choose Us?

  • Musical Experience: We are as passionate about music as you are, and that is reflected in every project we undertake..

  • Creative Collaboration: We work hand in hand with you to capture the essence of your music and convey it visually.

  • Personalized Approach: Each music video is an opportunity to create something unique; we tailor to your artistic needs and aspirations.


Elevate Your Music to New Heights:

From vibrant styles to emotive ballads, we’re here to elevate your music to a unique visual experience. Trust Publicarte Studio to create music videos that leave a lasting impression.

Turn your songs into unforgettable visual stories! 🎥🎶✨

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Creative Advertising

Illuminate your brand with our creative advertising video service. We transform ideas into stunning visual campaigns, offering unique advertising video production. From concept to editing, our creative visual productions stand out in the competition. Elevate your presence with our visually captivating advertising campaigns. Contact us to bring your message to life and stand out in the digital world!»

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Capture the essence of your event or story with our professional reportage video service. We offer complete reportage video production ranging from filming to editing. Our experienced team creates stunning visual reports that narrate your story authentically. From corporate events to personal stories, we’re here to provide you with customized visual reportages that stand out. Contact us to bring your narrative to life with our high-quality reportage video service

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